Lithophane Memories
Let your memories last a lifetime!

Custom Lithophane Display
Your custom lithophane is carved using your supplied photo and is housed in our custom lighted frame. Your cherished memories can be displayed in a window during the day using natural sunlight. For indoor or evening display, simply plug in the frame to utilize its integrated lighting system.
Hanging Lamp/Table Lamp
Lithophane Panel
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Our Products
We take pride in our selection of quality products. Whether you would like one of our patent-pending custom displays for your favorite picture, or one of our custom four sided boxes available in a rotating display box or hanging lamp to display multiple images, we at Lithophane Memories can meet your specific needs.  

All of the products we offer are created on site with you in mind, and custom projects are always a possibility. If you have an idea for a custom display, contact us and let us bring your ceativity to life. 
Your lithophanes will be carved and housed in a custom hanging lamp fixture or table lamp, offering one of a kind personalized home decorating options.
All of our custom frames and light boxes allow you to easily remove and exchange your lithophanes to display new memories whenever you wish. Bare lithophane panels can also be displayed in a window using any standard 8x10 picture frame. 
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