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Interested in transforming your family photos into heirloom pieces of art?
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What is a Lithophane?
Lithophanes originated in the early 19th century in Europe, where master artisans would carve images into wax, create a mold from the carving, and then produce porcelain casts from the mold. Varying thicknesses in the porcelain would allow more or less light through the casting, creating a beautiful three-dimensional image with characteristics that could be changed depending on the light source behind them.

Today, modern technology allows us to utilize your photos to create a custom 3D piece of art that will preserve your most precious memories forever. 

Simply send us an email with a full size attachment of your digital images or scans, and we will determine if it suitable for a custom carving. Higher quality images will yield a higher quality lithophane, but in most cases photos from cell phones or social media will yield beautiful results.  

Once we have received your supplied photographs, your custom lithophanes are carved into durable and elegant solid surface materials, creating memories that will truly last a lifetime.

When your lithophane has been carved, it is housed in our custom designed frame, built in-house, which can display your precious memories using natural daylight, or the integrated LED lighting system. Simply plug the supplied power cord into the wall, then plug the cord into our custom lighted frame and watch your lithophane come to life for display on a table or wall. If you wish to use natural daylight to as your light source, simply unplug the cord from the frame and remove the frame back to display your lithophane in a window.

In addition to our lighted frame, we can also use multiple supplied photographs to create custom designed table lamps and hanging lamps

Your custom carvings can typically be created and mailed within 5 business days. Light boxes, hanging lamps and custom projects are made to order, and completion times may vary.