Lithophane Memories
Let your memories last a lifetime!

Our Custom Lithophane Display Frame
​Lithophanes are a unique and beautiful form of art. Unfortunately, typical display options are as antique as the art form. In the past, the only display options were natural daylight or candles. Some have tried creating lighted box displays, but the results leave little room for choosing a display location, often being large and cumbersome. In recent years, the invention of LED light panels has created another way to display lithophanes, but they are usually quite costly. In either case, these options limited the display possibilities as they are permanent fixtures. Our custom designed display frame solves the problems of cost and size, and creates limitless options for lithophane display. 

The process of creating your unique lithophane begins with your supplied photos or images. We use those images to carve your lithophanes out of acrylic solid surface materials on our CNC routing machine. The result is a beautiful three dimensional image that will never fade,cannot be damaged by water, and will not stick to glass. Our custom lighted frames are built entirely on site using locally sourced wood, and assembled by our expert staff.  
What Makes Us Different
Our unique frame design utilizes a removable backer which allows you to display your lithophane using natural daylight or the integrated lighting system. At first glance, our frames is indistinguishable from any other picture frame. Upon closer inspection however, you can see what sets us apart. If you wish to rest your lithophane on a window sill, or hang it in a window using the supplied suction cup, the process is quick and easy. All one needs to do is rotate the tabs on the rear of the frame and remove the easel back. The rear of the frame is now completely open,and will allow daylight through to illuminate your lithophane in the traditional means. 
If you wish to display your lithophane indoors on a wall or table, or after the sun has set, you need only to replace the easel back and rotate the tabs to hold it in place. You can then plug the supplied AC adapter into the frame, and into any standard 110V outlet and watch you lithophane illuminate for indoor or evening display.